I am delighted to share this testimony as the experience with Pemla has transformed my health for the better. For years that i can remember, I suffered from asthma since the age of 5. Now at 50, I am mostly free from asthma after going through Pemla’s health coaching at her wellness nurturing programme.

My health coaching journey started in April 2013 when my health was in a downward spiral with uncontrolled asthma attacks & poor immunity. I was on daily medications, ie, steriods, ventolin inhalers & high dosed preventives (seretides) to control my frequent episodal asthma discomfort & night coughs. It was also during this period that my doctors discovered I had an unusually high cancer marker indication of CA19.9 which resulted in further tests and examinations by gasteroenterologist and various specialist. Thoughts about cancer entered my mind. I was not prepared to take this path & undergo more medical treatments.

Through a dear friend’s recommendation, I was introduced to Pemla for a live blood test that offered a visual insight of my health on the cellular level. It made me realise how my red blood cells was sticky & not functioning in the most favorable condition. There was little “life” in the cell activity, a similar reflection of how I felt, often feeling tired and without energy.

Pemla patiently counselled me through my struggles to realise poor habits & managed my expectations. She gently taught me to make better food choices consuming nature’s whole & nutritious food types that were needed & beneficial to my body. Pemla also combined the use of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils as part of her holistic step by step approach towards nourishing our body w a positive mindset. Her weekly sessions backed up with extensive research & materials enabled me to make right foods choices & encouraged me with the discipline necessary to follow through with my goals. With Pemla’s comprehensive health programme and counselling sessions, I learnt to regain control of my life through proper nutrition & self care.

After 1.5 yrs on the programme, I am thrilled to share that my asthma is fully controlled without the use of prescribed medications. Current blood test shows normal results for CA 19.9. Also achieved an unexpected surprise bonus, a weight loss of 11kg frm my original weight of 72kg to 61kg. Am convinced that our body is remarkable & highly adaptive. With proper food & nutrition coupled with the right mindset, the body & organ systems can support the body in self healing. Now I am feeling healthier & energised than ever before.

Thank you Pemla for empowering me with the tools necessary to be free to live a healthier & beautiful life.


Thanks to Pemla, I’ve learned to form healthy habits. She introduced me to many nature foods and has helped me to make gradual changes to my diet and lifestyle for the better. I became more aware and cautious about food and was motivated to exercise regularly. My itchy and sensitive skin which were my primary concern, were more or less gone by the end of the candida cleanse. I am grateful to her for making a positive difference in my life.

JG, Singapore

After doing a week of detox, I find my skin complexion have a great improvement. I used to have oily T-zone face, and during the cleanse, my face is not so oily and is clear. Friends can see that I look more clearer in complexion and of course slight weight loss. Looking back now with weight loss, fairer complexion and also more energy, this should serve an encouragement to have constant meals of raw vegetables and smoothies. I am going to put this as daily diet regularly.

Isabel Frango, Singapore

I was introduced to Pemla through a friend who did her cleanse and I loved how she looked and sounded – so full of life and joy and energy. I had started doing cleanses many years ago, mostly raw detox cleanses and had found them most beneficial until last year, when on the 10th day of a 21-cleanse I developed a bladder infection and had to cut my cleanse short.

This time I chose to add one cooked meal a day – usually a lovely miso soup with sliced vegetables and seaweed or a salad to my cleanse and I went through the 1-week pre-cleanse, 2 weeks of cleanse and 1 week of post-cleanse without any discomfort. On the contrary, I feel that it was the best cleanse I’ve ever had. I was able to de-clutter my house – something I had wanted to do but never found the energy to – and one day my husband remarked how he could feel that my cleanse had left me radiating positive energy. And that made it easier for him to open up more easily, allowing us to enjoy communicating with each other in a joyful and direct way.

I truly feel that this cleanse has detoxed me physically as well as mentally and spiritually and it has left me feeling light and free, with a clear and peaceful mind. I’ve also come to realise that I have been neglecting my body by not always making the best choices in terms of food and lifestyle. I have learned to choose to love my body and to support it by feeding it the best nourishing foods I can (as well as my family, of course) and by listening to its needs. Spelt, a wonderful healing food, already championed by St Hildegard 800 years ago, has become a strong focus of our diet. I bake bread w/ the spelt flour, use the spelt rice and kernels to replace rice (and everyone loves it), replaced wheat pasta w/ spelt spaghetti and often have spelt for breakfast.

This cleanse has finally taught me that even when I’m not cleansing, I can incorporate some to the cleansing routines, e.g. a smoothie/ juice for breakfast, a simple salad for lunch or dinner, into my daily routine, thus staying energetic and clear-minded. It’s actually simple once I listen to my body and make my choices based on what is most supporting for my body and helps it feel and perform at its best. And my body tells me almost instantly whether my choice was supporting or not.

Pemla’s style is most supportive and gentle. She is a great listener, who knows that every person needs to find what is most suitable for him/her and she is wonderful at guiding us cleanse participants along our journey to a better health and life. I have recommended Pemla to many of my friends and will continue to do so. We have become friends in the process and meeting her is always a pleasure for there is always so much to learn and exchange.

Helen Lim C.N., Singapore

With Pemla’s Health Coaching program, I feel more healthy, relaxed and happy with life than before. I am now more at peace with myself. I also managed to lose some weight and learnt a lot about healthy lifestyle and healthy eating with her guidance. It was not an overnight change, but well spaced-out and it was certainly well worth it.
I am a diabetic and my fingers were feeling numb for some time. Now the numbness is no longer there. I have also reduced my diabetes a little and look forward to reducing it further.
Pemla is a very determined and dedicated coach. She is friendly and very willing to impart her knowledge. She is also very patient and a good listener.