I am delighted to share this testimony as the experience with Pemla has transformed my health for the better. For years that i can remember, I suffered from asthma since the age of 5. Now at 50, I am mostly free from asthma after going through Pemla’s health coaching at her wellness nurturing programme.

My health coaching journey started in April 2013 when my health was in a downward spiral with uncontrolled asthma attacks & poor immunity. I was on daily medications, ie, steriods, ventolin inhalers & high dosed preventives (seretides) to control my frequent episodal asthma discomfort & night coughs. It was also during this period that my doctors discovered I had an unusually high cancer marker indication of CA19.9 which resulted in further tests and examinations by gasteroenterologist and various specialist. Thoughts about cancer entered my mind. I was not prepared to take this path & undergo more medical treatments.

Through a dear friend’s recommendation, I was introduced to Pemla for a live blood test that offered a visual insight of my health on the cellular level. It made me realise how my red blood cells was sticky & not functioning in the most favorable condition. There was little “life” in the cell activity, a similar reflection of how I felt, often feeling tired and without energy.

Pemla patiently counselled me through my struggles to realise poor habits & managed my expectations. She gently taught me to make better food choices consuming nature’s whole & nutritious food types that were needed & beneficial to my body. Pemla also combined the use of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils as part of her holistic step by step approach towards nourishing our body w a positive mindset. Her weekly sessions backed up with extensive research & materials enabled me to make right foods choices & encouraged me with the discipline necessary to follow through with my goals. With Pemla’s comprehensive health programme and counselling sessions, I learnt to regain control of my life through proper nutrition & self care.

After 1.5 yrs on the programme, I am thrilled to share that my asthma is fully controlled without the use of prescribed medications. Current blood test shows normal results for CA 19.9. Also achieved an unexpected surprise bonus, a weight loss of 11kg frm my original weight of 72kg to 61kg. Am convinced that our body is remarkable & highly adaptive. With proper food & nutrition coupled with the right mindset, the body & organ systems can support the body in self healing. Now I am feeling healthier & energised than ever before.

Thank you Pemla for empowering me with the tools necessary to be free to live a healthier & beautiful life.

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