Isabel Frango, Singapore

I was introduced to Pemla through a friend who did her cleanse and I loved how she looked and sounded – so full of life and joy and energy. I had started doing cleanses many years ago, mostly raw detox cleanses and had found them most beneficial until last year, when on the 10th day of a 21-cleanse I developed a bladder infection and had to cut my cleanse short.

This time I chose to add one cooked meal a day – usually a lovely miso soup with sliced vegetables and seaweed or a salad to my cleanse and I went through the 1-week pre-cleanse, 2 weeks of cleanse and 1 week of post-cleanse without any discomfort. On the contrary, I feel that it was the best cleanse I’ve ever had. I was able to de-clutter my house – something I had wanted to do but never found the energy to – and one day my husband remarked how he could feel that my cleanse had left me radiating positive energy. And that made it easier for him to open up more easily, allowing us to enjoy communicating with each other in a joyful and direct way.

I truly feel that this cleanse has detoxed me physically as well as mentally and spiritually and it has left me feeling light and free, with a clear and peaceful mind. I’ve also come to realise that I have been neglecting my body by not always making the best choices in terms of food and lifestyle. I have learned to choose to love my body and to support it by feeding it the best nourishing foods I can (as well as my family, of course) and by listening to its needs. Spelt, a wonderful healing food, already championed by St Hildegard 800 years ago, has become a strong focus of our diet. I bake bread w/ the spelt flour, use the spelt rice and kernels to replace rice (and everyone loves it), replaced wheat pasta w/ spelt spaghetti and often have spelt for breakfast.

This cleanse has finally taught me that even when I’m not cleansing, I can incorporate some to the cleansing routines, e.g. a smoothie/ juice for breakfast, a simple salad for lunch or dinner, into my daily routine, thus staying energetic and clear-minded. It’s actually simple once I listen to my body and make my choices based on what is most supporting for my body and helps it feel and perform at its best. And my body tells me almost instantly whether my choice was supporting or not.

Pemla’s style is most supportive and gentle. She is a great listener, who knows that every person needs to find what is most suitable for him/her and she is wonderful at guiding us cleanse participants along our journey to a better health and life. I have recommended Pemla to many of my friends and will continue to do so. We have become friends in the process and meeting her is always a pleasure for there is always so much to learn and exchange.

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