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Parents can help. There are some simple things parents can do to help their ADHD child.

Studies have shown that having a healthy diet and minimizing consumption of caffeine, sugar and junk food may help with ADHD. Here are some simple tips which may help:

  1. Advocate a low- or no-sugar diet
  2. Advocate a well-balanced whole-foods diet
  3. Ensure the children’s intake of carbohydrates is balanced with protein. For example, they can have a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts for snack
  4. Research has shown that often, children with ADHD have one or more nutritional imbalances. Identifying and correcting these imbalances may improve the children’s energy, focus, concentration and behavior dramatically.

It is also important for parents to take care of themselves and de-stress. They can only be effective parents if they are happy and in a positive frame of mind.

To find out more on how we can help your child with a totally natural and holistic solution, schedule an initial consultation with me today.

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