Herbal Remedy

There are some herbs which are actually herbal antacids. They effectively relieve acid indigestion by neutralizing excess acids in the stomach and intestines (Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief, n.d.). Some of these herbs protect the stomach lining as well and many also relieve other digestive ailments as well as help maintain healthy digestion (Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief, n.d.). They include cinnamon, ginger, aniseed and cardamom (Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief, n.d.). Take a pinch each of the powdered spices and a smaller pinch of black pepper and steep it and the other herbs in a cup of boiled hot water. One cup of this is recommended after each meal (Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief, n.d.).

In his book, The New Age Herbalist, Mabey (1988) recommends infusions of fennel, mint, dill, chamomile, aniseed or lemon balm to be taken after a meal. He also advices taking bitter decoctions, like gentian or dandelion root before a meal to stimulate the appetite and digestive secretions and activity. (p.202)

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