So, how will I help you?




As a Holistic Nutritionist, my goal is to help you listen to the ‘whispers’ of your body, to dig deeper into those early symptoms that used to or still are, bothering you. I will proactively work together with you on those symptoms you barely notice but if left unchecked, will make your body yell later!

All these together with other assessment tools, like Live & Dry Blood Analysis, will help me figure out the root cause of your health concerns. We will then together determine what your health and wellness goals are and I will put in place an individualised plan for you to succeed. As each person is unique, your plan will be unique to you and will suit your unique body, lifestyle, preferences and goals.

I understand how challenging it is for someone to change their diet and lifestyle on their own, I know how fast one becomes de-motivated and simply gives up after some time. So I am committed to coach and support you throughout your journey to reach your wellness goals in the only way I know….the natural way. I will provide ideas on how to use natural, wholesome food.

I am passionate about helping you make lasting lifestyle changes.

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