Special Cautions and Precautions

High homocysteine have been shown to actually cause heart disease (Holford, 2004, p.138). Lowering it removes the cause, and hence the risk. Those with a history of cardiovascular disease often have a level above 15 units. Lowering homocysteine to six units can cut risk by 75 percent! (Holford, 2004, p.139)

Cancer is triggered by damage to DNA. High homocysteine level makes your DNA more vulnerable to irreparable damage. (Holford, 2004, p.139) Homocysteine has been found to be a very good measure of whether cancer therapies are working. (Holford, 2004, p.139) Homocysteine level rises when tumours grow,and falls when they shrink (Holford, 2004, p.139). Low homocysteine may reduce your risk of certain cancers by a third, and to more than half if dietary and supplement changes are also made (Holford, 2004, p.139).

The unusually high insulin in most diabetics has been shown to prevent the body from lowering and maintaining a healthier homocysteine level (Holford, 2004, p.140). The homocysteine-lowering diet and supplements can help reduce the risk of diabetes, and for diabetics, can help keep the condition under better control (Holford, 2004, p.140).

Your risk of developing Alzheimer’s in later years can be halved by following a homocysteine-lowering regime (Holford, 2004, p.140). Homocysteine is one of the tests you can use to check for vitamin B12 insufficiency. (Lipski, 2005, p.193)

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